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Benefits of Outdoor Time

On children's eyes?

Yes, indeed. Specifically on the prevention of nearsightedness.

One of our board members sent me this article to illustrate how being active outside can have unrealized effects on children. Such information underscores the importance of getting kids outdoors. Streaming media and cell phones have captivated so many children that they choose to stay indoors instead of exploring nature and the outdoors. The unintended effects of staring at a screen for so many hours every day can negatively impact their eye health. It is suggested in this article that spending time outdoors can have the reverse effect.

Just another reason why kids should spend time outside: better vision! Who knew?

Children today need to be outside, in nature, and active in order to grow up healthy. Whether it's a two-hour Outdoor Enrichment Trek or a full-day Outdoor Kindergarten, our programs help them do just that!


The article discusses a meta-analysis of studies that investigated the relationship between outdoor time and myopia (nearsightedness) prevention and control. The analysis found that spending more time outdoors was associated with a lower risk of developing myopia, as well as slower progression of existing myopia. The protective effect appeared to be related to the intensity and duration of outdoor time, with greater benefits seen in those who spent at least 2 hours per day outdoors and engaged in more physical activity. The article concludes that increasing outdoor time should be considered as a strategy for myopia prevention and control, particularly in children and adolescents.

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