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Children Sledding in Snow

Outdoor Kindergarten

Our Outdoor Kindergarten offers students the opportunity to explore the outdoors, build confidence in their ability to navigate the world around them, and develop a natural curiosity about the environment. We believe that the best way to learn is through hands-on experiences and activities, so our curriculum includes plenty of opportunities to learn through exploration and play. Our lessons focus on the natural world, but also incorporate science, math, language arts and other subjects into our outdoor activities.

In addition to the educational benefits, our Outdoor Kindergarten helps students build strong relationships with their peers, embrace a sense of independence, and develop a deep respect for the natural world. Our staff of experienced educators are committed to providing a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment for all our students.


In our Outdoor Kindergarten, we limit the number of students to eight, creating an intimate and meaningful learning environment. Approximately 75% of class time is spent outdoors, using local parks and wild areas, our learning center located in Worley, trails on private property and Heyburn State Park in Plummer/Worley.


We provide an outdoor pavilion at our learning location that provides shelter from the elements, comfortable seating for reading exercises, and hard surfaces for writing. There are also several areas in our outdoor learning area with benches, stump desks, areas where we can explore puddles, streams created by rain, ponds full of things to explore, and areas to dig in the sand (or practice writing).

For students residing in the surrounding areas, we provide transportation to and from our location in Worley. Bus stops will be established based on locations of enrolled students. 



Wild Math® takes math outdoors where it is naturally hands-on, engages all of the senses, and includes plenty of movement. Wild Math® reimagines math instruction for the natural outdoor environment. Fractions are modeled using mud pies, place value is introduced with bundles of sticks, multiplication is introduced by examining flower petals, and games replace worksheets.

Nature Connected

It is important for us to have a connection with the natural world for two reasons.

One, engaging the senses to observe and listen to nature is a much better approach than memorizing facts or gaining knowledge through memorization. Moreover, it is important to note that this expression also refers to the health benefits that can be derived from spending time outdoors.

Nature connection differs from traditional education in the sense that it is more about bringing children close to nature through meaningful experiences, which actually improve their health, their happiness, and their intelligence at the same time.

WILD Reading

Wild Reading® leads children through structured explicit instruction in phonological awareness skills, phonics, high frequency words, writing, reading comprehension, language and other key reading skills. Outdoor and hands on activities such as, word squares, scavenger hunts, mammal search, sit spots, and word hopscotch make learning active, hands-on, and fun.


Kids who spend more time outside are more likely to make new friends and connect with others. When children play outside and explore nature, they can build new relationships, explore new interests, and make up games with others. As your child explores the great outdoors, they will have the opportunity to make friends and connect with others in new ways.




Per Month

** $50 fee at time of registration, and a $75 materials fee upon enrollment.

Student Registration

Please complete the form to register your child for Outdoor Kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year. 

An email will be sent to you with a link to the registration form. Your child's registration will be finalized once the form has been completed. An invoice will then be sent for the $75 materials fee and August's tuition. Once payment has been received your child's enrollment will be complete.  

Gail, Grandmother of student

Our grandson received a stellar education from NCA.   Mrs Masters truly is a masterful educator.  She is inventive yet emphasized the essentials, fun but disciplined, willing to make sure each child is working to their full potential.   This is an outstanding value for your child’s education.  Best in North Idaho.

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