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Safari Club Members Assist with Desks

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Logs for Desks Donated to Natural Connections Academy

A lifetime member of the Safari Club, John Floyd assisted the founder of Natural Connections Academy, in procuring wood rounds for use as outdoor desks. “We were needing a large diameter log that would provide multiple pieces of 20” diameter two-foot rounds.” Mrs. Tammi Masters, the school's founder, stated that they had difficulty finding the appropriately sized logs.

Mr. Floyd contacted another Safari Club lifetime member from Chattaroy, WA, Rick Osterback, who just so happened to have pine that had been logged while removing beetle-damaged timber.

The rounds were cut from three different trees under the attentive eye of Mr. Osterback. The rounds will now be sanded, varnished, and placed at the outdoor learning location for students to utilize as desks.

The nonprofit private school started their first academic year on August 15th. The school’s founder, Tammi Masters stated “Although we only have one student currently, we are still hopeful that more parents will see the benefit of our type of education and enroll their students.”

And with the help of Mr. Floyd and Mr. Osterback, they are prepared for all that enroll to have a place to work outside.

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