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Kindergarten... The First Stepping Stone on their Journey.

It's that time of year again... time to think about next school year and where your child will attend

kindergarten! It's an important decision... more critical now than in the past. Children used to attend the public school down the block as a matter of course. It was necessary for them to learn their letters, numbers, shapes, etc. Neither the method of teaching or the environment of public school were considered carefully when selecting the school for the child. Today's society emphasizes helping your child achieve maximum success and helping them to succeed. As such, parents now often examine all the options available to them, from public to private schools to homeschooling. They look into the teaching methods, the environment, and the resources available to ensure their child has the best opportunity to succeed.

What should you consider when choosing a school for your young child? In our next couple of blogs, we'll discuss things to consider when making this significant decision for your child.

One of the first things to consider is your child's needs.

  • Does your child need a more structured or less structured environment?

A very structured and ritualized educational option, such as public school, would be a great choice for your child if they excel in routines, schedules, and guidance for most of their decisions. Your child may find it easier to focus and stay on task if they are in a structured environment. Kindergarten students usually follow a daily schedule, which helps them stay organized and manage their time. There is also an increased emphasis on following rules. Structured learning environments also provide a sense of safety and security for young children, as they know what to expect and can anticipate what will come next.

Outdoor Kindergarten might be a good fit for your child if they enjoy self-learning, exploration, and teacher-guided learning! Outdoor Kindergarten provides an opportunity for children to explore their environment in a safe and secure setting, while also providing the structure and guidance of a traditional classroom. It is a great way to give children the best of both worlds and help them to develop into confident and independent learners. Outdoor Kindergarten provides children with more flexibility than a traditional classroom, as they are able to explore the outdoors and work at their own pace. Additionally, there is less emphasis on standardized testing and more emphasis on developing creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Join us next week as we continue this discussion...

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