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Connecting Students' Learning to the Environment

Hands On Learning

As 75% of their time is spent outside, in nature, children are "in the thick of it". Our approach to learning about the world is based on incorporating what nature has provided. As participants engage with the environment, they touch, smell, feel, and engage with it.

Project Based

In our Kindergarten program, students generate questions about their surrounding or the processes happening there. We then base our instruction on helping students to problem solve, think critically, and gather information to help them solve their inquiry!

Real Life Experiences

At Natural Connections Academy, we are dedicated to helping children to connect their learning and experiences to what is going on in the world around them. 


We strive to find ways to help children to take ownership of their learning and of their role in the environment. Children will learn and discuss issues that effect them, and our area. 

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Student looking through binoculars.

Lord Hunt of Llanfair Waterdine, KC, CBE, DSO

“Adventurous experiences out-of-doors are perceived to kindle the enthusiasm of the young, to develop their concern for others, for their community and for the environment. Such experiences provide the means of self-discovery, self-expression and enjoyment which are at once both stimulating and fulfilling."

“It thus emerges that, for young people and adults alike, outdoor adventure is perceived as a vehicle for building values and ideals, for developing creativity and enterprise, for enhancing a sense of citizenship, and for widening physical and spiritual horizons.”

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